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Meet the dream team, poised to initiate you into the wonders of the woods for a whole weekend (12-15 July & 26-29 Sept). Emma Salmon, Forest School leader and owner of Glottenham Castle, explains in this guest post… 

”Down at Glottenham we just love being in the woods! Our woodland is a magical and special place that seems to call to us from our ancestral past. Some time ago, the idea grew up of getting the Glottenham gang together to create a unique weekend of woodiness for Glottenham guests. So you can imagine how excited we are that it’s going ahead and all parties have said a resounding ‘Yes!’ 

We have developed a weekend where you will be able to try your hand at everything. All courses and materials are included, so no need to pick and choose. You can even bring the small ones, with Forest School activities allowing you to concentrate on your own crafts, and really relax. Prepare to learn the secrets of the woodland, including:

  • Charcoal making
  • Wood carving
  • Pole lathe
  • Basket weaving
  • Nature and wildlife spotting
  • Foraging
  • Bushcraft

You will come away with new skills, some handcrafted pieces, and a great sense of achievement and well-being, the kind only possible after a few days spent peacefully whittling away in a beautiful environment. 


You’ll sleep soundly and comfortably in the woods, too, in your own gorgeous geodome, yurt or vintage tent - with proper bed and hot shower - and join in a grand BBQ / pizza fest on Sunday with the rest of us.



Richard Ely is a traditional greenwood craftsman with a background in organic farming and horticulture. He has spent the last 8 years working and managing coppiced woodland, alongside the likes of Ben Law, and developing his skills with traditional tools and methods. Richard was our first choice to build the roundwood kitchens at Glottenham, and we covet his gorgeous chairs in the de Glottyngham dome enviously. He also makes the charcoal that we supply for our guests, or helps us to make our own. Three times silver medalist in the International Log to Leg competition, he can fashion a beautiful item from a branch in moments, and he plays a mean banjo to boot! 


William Del Tufo of WolfCoat Woodcraft has been carving since 1979, and spent many years travelling from castle to castle demonstrating Dark Age methods of wood and leatherworking, and teaching Nordic runes and ancient firelighting techniques.

We love his individual style and we are obviously not alone – Boris Johnson just ordered a whole bundle of medieval style trenchers for the Lord Mayor’s Supper exactly the same as we have in our yurt and domes, and not many people can claim that Prince Charles has played their stegosaurus xylophone and blown their ferret digeridoo!

With support from…

Your hosts Emma and Robert! Between us we can introduce you to woodland management, medical herbalism, wild food foraging and cooking, and entertain your children with fun and games to bring them closer to nature.


See you in the woods!


How to book


Courses are exclusively for guests staying in one of the 4 spaces at Glottenham Castle, allowing everyone quality one to one time on each course. Children are welcome to join in most activities, or to participate in their own mini course depending on age range and numbers.

We are only running 2 courses this year, Fri 12th July – Mon 15th July and Fri 27th Sept - Mon 30th Sept.

Weekend prices for two adults include all courses, materials, accommodation and BBQ / pizza dinner on Sunday, when you book BodichonRossettide Etchyngham or de Glottyngham online, from £475-£625 for 3 nights. Add children to your booking for £75pp.

Extra adults £125pp; for groups of more than 2 adults, please call to enquire on 01275 395 447. 

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