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Artist of the month - Thomas Aplin

Our very first artist of the month is the lead singer in Bristol-based band Most Planes Land.  Tom was kind enough to let us use his music in our videos, so in return we grilled him about his inspirations, his preferred super power and the time he brought a seagull home…

Where do you live now and what do you ‘do’?

Bristol, and divide my time between the writing and recording music and studying science from my bedroom.

Which living person do you most admire and why?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, cojones the size of melons. Also, Wafa Sultan, same deal as AHA, very brave and eloquent folk. And of course Peter Tatchell who I was lucky enough to meet once, such an incredible man.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

I once took a live seagull home to my (ex) girlfriend in order to placate her after a bluesy. Didn’t work, and the seagull got me on the neck pretty bad. Not my finest moment.

What would your super power be?

The ability to answer interview questions with unparalleled wit and charm.

Who would play you in the film of your life?

Harold Lloyd, although he is slightly dead.

What are you reading now?

A couple of things, The Bottom Billion by Paul Collier and The Mahdi of Sudan by Fergus Nicoll. All about Africa right now. I always have theonion.com open on my laptop as well.

Where next?

Off to Rio in November, doing some recording and gigs with an incredible guitar player Pepe Barcellos, can’t wait.

Ideal traveling companion?

I like the random folk you pick up on the way, I’ve made some friends for life that way, folk that I’ll never lose contact with.

Beach bum, culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

I like to do as much as possible, so all three I guess, um, a vulture- like bum junkie.

What’s your best piece of travel advice?

Always follow your gut reaction, if something feels off, it normally is, for you at least.  I like to eat the local food as a rule, remind my stomach how lucky it is…

We recommend checking out Tom in Most Planes Land, if only because we think he’s definitely demonstrated his super powers today…

Wilderness… 15,000 festival go’ers, 15,000 flowers and us

Like busy bees, we’ve been getting ready for our first foray into flowers and festivals. Where, you cry? Wilderness Festival!

And why 15,000 fresh flowers? Well to make flower garlands, jewellery and masks of course…

Garland face

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Country Calling know a great little place…

Experience holidays are very much on trend while idling on the beach is starting to feel a bit yesterday. You may want to do a fair amount of loafing but you’ll also want to check out the best local food, culture and places to hang out while you’re there.

People come to Country Calling to find out what’s going on in the South West – where to eat, beach, walk, learn to surf, cook or check in for some local culture.

So to make your job a little easier we thought we’d choose our top 5 favourite Canopy&Stars places and let you in on some nearby hidden gems.

The Geo

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We’re On Track

Who wouldn’t want to cosy up in a cabin while a train carries you closer to your destination?  Or hark back to the golden age of steam?  It’s a slower form of transport, a more civilised and infinitely more relaxing way to travel.

We’re hoping that everyone who’s entered The 2012 Great British Adventure Competition is excited about the train trips they could win, including a sleeper train ride (we love a cabin) and an awesome steam train ride to London!  We’ve picked out a few of the entries who told us about their train travel memories.  Take a look at all of them on our entries page if you’re in need of inspiration.

Thanks so much to Scotrail and Railway Touring for promising to ferry our adventurers about!

Road Trip!

Yurts Tarifa Road

Ever since we heard that our 2012 Great British Adventure competition features a road trip in a Toyota Prius, we’ve been in the mood to jump in the (hybrid) car, blast the radio and go on a road trip.  Chris, our resident web wrangler, experienced driving through Spain on a recent jaunt to check on some of our lovely places there…

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Cool Canvas

We’re absolutely head over heels in love with Field Candy's awesome tents!  We want one for Wilderness Festival!

Calling Dapper Gents & Flapper Girls

Flapper dance

Twenties theme?  Vintage clothes? Gin and tonic?  The party that kicks off when our lucky 2012 Great British Adventure competition winners arrive at The Dapper Camping Club sounds so amazing…we want to come too!

We don’t quite know how to do the Charleston (yet!) but there’s plenty of time to practice before the competition closes on 15th July.  For the 1920s Party at The Dapper Camping Club, Tweedsman Vintage will be making sure everyone is looking properly dapper in vintage suits, while Penderyn Distillery - makers of rare Welsh spirits - will be providing some of their award-winning gin for delicious cocktails.  Sip a gin sling while you unpack your organic BBQ hamper from Riverford, and don’t forget to invite a couple of friends along for dressing up and a night in the bell tent next door.

Share your favourite travel memory with us and you could be dusting off your dancing shoes, as well as your wellies, for a round trip of a lifetime to Canopy & Stars places.  You can also swing by Dapper Camping, or any of our places featured in The 2012 Great British Adventure, if you fancy!

Plum Foolery

Riverford organic veg box

While our MD Tom is checking on a few of a our lovely places up north, we might have ‘borrowed’ his Riverford fruit and veg box…inside we found a mystery fruit (Yellow plum?  Mini peach?  We think it’s an apricot) and some yummy recipes…don’t forget to enter our 2012 Great British Adventure competition and you too can be tucking into some lovely veg from Riverford on an amazing trip round the UK!

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Ready, Steady, Weddings!

Time to strike up the band, get out the confetti and stick a flower in your buttonhole - Canopy & Stars Weddings are here!  We’re bringing our unique style to your special day, by popular demand.  We know our places are perfect for romance (as the number of proposals clearly show!), but when so many of you lovely people asked to get hitched with us, we just couldn’t refuse.  From a simple woodland handfastening to a momentous mini-festival, we’ve got together friendly folk and beautiful spaces for a day to remember.  We’re inviting you to take a look at our very first collection of weddings with a dash of eco-panache.

We need a Sun dance!

Native American Indian Rain Dance

These rain dancers have clearly been working overtime!  When we started looking into Rainmaking this morning we found out that there’s no equivalent dance to bring the Sun.  The Native American Rain dance is a centuries-old tradition, filled with symbolism, including the wearing of feathers and turquoise to represent wind and water.  For a sun-bringing ceremony, we’re thinking sunflowers might be a good addition to a spot of samba! 

Photo credit The Dartmouth

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