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Lichen Cabin - near Chepstow. Sleeps 2.
	Pippin the Gypsy Caravan - Devon. Sleeps 2.
Dawn of the Day - Herefordshire. Sleeps 2.

Whistle Wood Wagon - Cumbria. Sleeps 2. The Damson Cabin - Worcestershire. Sleeps 4.

Orchard Yurt - Cornwall. Sleeps 4.

The Cider Orchard Yurt - Wye Valley. Sleeps 2.

It’s apple harvest and cider festival time so we’ve handpicked a selection of our properties with an apple connection….got a favourite? Let us know!

From left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Lichen Cabin, Monmouthshire
  2. Pippin the Gypsy Caravan, Devon
  3. Dawn of the Day, Herefordshire
  4. Whistle Wood Cabin, Cumbria
  5. Damson Cabin, Worcestershire
  6. Orchard Yurt, Cornwall
  7. The Cider Orchard Yurt, Wye Valley

#Repost from @keziamaryruth Lovely guests making the most of the fishing at The Raft at Chigborough! Chips anyone? #theraft #fishing #glamping

Massive team love for this pic @walcothall ! #glamping #wedding #shropshire



Take a social detox, get your sea legs on land, bag a boar or start a commune…

We’ve scoured the land, crossed the seas and taken to the air to bring you the newest, most luxurious, best on a budget and most bonkers glamping experiences for 2014. Fourteen fabulous forays into the great outdoors that we think you should tick off your list in 2014. Presenting the Canopy & Stars wish list….

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Here’s a two-minute glamping getaway with Canopy & Stars


Let’s go glamping in a tree!

Looks amazing, can we come too?

The Original Magnificent 7 - The Wagon at Puckshipton

When you walk around Puckshipton, you see so much of owner James Noble’s beautiful woodwork that you’re almost expecting the wagon by the time you get to it. James, buoyed by the wagon’s popularity and probably unable to stop himself, has since followed it with The Ark, his second inhabitable creation.

The Original Magnificent 7 - The Geo at Ekopod

This stuck out from the start with its clean white look, although back then it was called, strangely enough, The Ekopod. It’s still going strong with its new name and has now been joined by designer Simon’s second space, The Curve.

The Original Magnificent 7 - Sapperton Yurt at Westley Farm

A bathroom in an old horsebox (no, really, with a proper bathtub) and one of the most romantic and secluded escapes we’ve seen. Westley Farm also have three other yurts, all tucked away in their own clearings, but Sapperton was the one that started it all for us.

The Original Magnificent 7 - The Roundhouse at Bodrifty

The incredible Iron Age reconstruction that featured as the front page of our first ever press coverage and features a bed so good that it drew a swearword in the feedback.

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